A festival of Promises & Wishes. Do we really fulfill them?

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Raksha Bandhan is a very old festival which has its details even in the Bhavishya Purana during the 5th century. On this day siblings exchange Rakhi with some gift. While tying Rakhi the sister prays and wishes a good life for brother while the brother promises her with love, protection and happiness.

In todays’ world when nobody has time these promises are fast losing their importance. None of the siblings have time to fulfil their promises as they are more entangled in their life and social media. Usually when it comes to gifting, we think of Sweets & Chocolates accompanied by a brand new Mobile Phone or a new Vehicle, or online shopping vouchers. These are traditional gifting ideas exchanged with words of promises and wishes.

Think over now, the sibling will spend whole day with gift living the other one alone, than starts monthly recharge, more time spent on social media, increasing petrol costs and maintenance, purchase of stuff not needed as time limit to use a voucher is there. These gifts may make siblings happy for a day or a week but they are ultimately going to consume time and money going ahead which is not healthy mentally, physically or financially.

If on this Raksha Bandhan you really wish for a better life and safety of your sibling gift them with an Insurance cover for life or an Insurance cover for Health or a Mutual Fund or an SIP of mutual funds. These innovative gifting ideas are actions towards fulfilment of promises and wishes of happiness and safety.

Dear readers traditional gifts are mere actions which do not support words while innovative ideas of Insurance, SIP or Mutual Funds are Actions which will fulfil your promises and wishes to your sibling.

Wishing all of you a Very Happy Raksha Bandhan.

  Hardik Baxi,

Baxi Investment