Convert your Bad Habits into Health & Wealth

Most of the people have some or the other bad habit. Either people smoke, have a habit of drinking tea or coffee multiple times a day, habit of eating food outside or any other habit which leads to ill effects on their health.

Minimum Cost of 1 branded cigarette is Rs. 10 and the same cost is that of a cup of tea if drank on roadside tea stall. A samosa would cost Rs. 10. If we analyse our daily habits we spend around Rs. 60-100 behind such harmful habits which leads to long term problems like Cancer, acidity, obesity and much more.

Did you know that a mere saving of Rs. 30/day can accumulate Rs. 4,25,000 and get a life cover worth Rs. 11,00,000? Let us convert our bad habits to health and wealth. Let us reduce spending on such hazards and invest for the best of ourselves and our family members.

At Baxi Investment we are celebrating Convert Habit into Health and Wealth month from September 1st to September 30th. If you have any such bad habit or if someone known to you has a bad habit and would like to quit it, contact us. It is for us to choose between Habit or Health & Wealth.

Please share this and let people join hands towards creating a Healthy and Wealthy Society.

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