About us


      Vision Statement: To achieve financial well-being for our clients

      Mission Statement: Providing empathic advise to clients and distribution of quality financial products which suite the needs of client based on his life situation analysis, forecast, objectives and constraints.


Baxi Investment is setup by Mr. Hardik Baxi who has experience of more than 10 years in investment analysis. His experience consists of using techno-fundamental approach for stock selection, Expertise in Japanese Candlestick technique, use of The Elliott Wave theory for timing the market turning points, Application of Dow Theory, Equity valuation using cash-flow models, Mutual Fund selection, Insurance planning, retirement planning and tax planning. Mr. Hardik Baxi has vast academic experience of teaching subjects like Security analysis & portfolio management, Risk management, Financial planning, Investment banking, Corporate restructuring & Financial services. Academic soundness with good application skills ensure effective and efficient advise to our clients.


Process of Financial Planning at Baxi Investment:


Financial Planning Process


Our Values

At Baxi Investment, we believe in EEE, Ethical behaviour towards stake holders, Empathy towards clients and Equality towards every client weather small or big.

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Baxi Investment Ethics


No business can survive without ethics and especially when you are dealing with people's hard earned money. At Baxi Investment, we practise highest standards of ethics and give advise which will help you to achieve your financial well being. We follow concept of customer delight where prime importance is given to ethical work.

Baxi Investment Empathy


 Biggest problem in today's world is every one wants to sell what is available and not what one needs. Customised solutions are costly and takes time. But, here we understand the client, their family background, dependencies, requirements and much more. We take a 360 degree view, step into client shoes and then offer a solution. 

Baxi Investment Equality of clients


At Baxi Investment, all clients are equal. For us every individual is equally valuable. We provide quality service without looking at the value of investment or amount of business one provides us with. We try to bring all at par.