Lose Weight to Save More

Yes you read it correct. There is nothing available online about relation between savings and losing weight. Recently I have started my diet program with a target to lose 10 kgs by consuming 1500 calories a day. This intake is my budget. If a consume more calories I have to workout and burn excess calories. While implementing my routine I realised something which I would like to share.

Our lives are full of temptations. The moment we get up we are tempted to use a good soap, good toothpaste, wear good apparels, have a good vehicle and what not. Same is with our eating habits. We want to eat best food in town at best restaurant. Remember that usually food that tastes good is high in calories. Consuming limited calories is like following a budget. While talking to most of the clients I realised that no one follows a budget, if one does not have a budget one can not save well. So if you want to save, have a budget. A budget not targeting how much can we spend but how much can we save.