Are you just saving? Then stop immediately!

Yes, you heard it right. We all save and that is where we usually stop. The problem is we have lot much biasness in our minds. The first being,

1. Knowledge biasness, we have lack of knowledge of what to do with savings. So we either don’t save or we just save and don’t invest or invest in FD as it is the only instrument we understand.

2. Information biasness, we believe when certain people say something. It begins from our family members who always look at banks as ultimate savings & investment option.

3. Incentive biasness, I have heard many savings channelized into non-productive areas just for getting one time share of income from agents. Remember, the agent who has to share commission is like getting a Parle-G at discount. It’s just not possible as already there are very low margins. So if you get an incentive just BEWARE of such investment option.

4. Simplification biasness, we save because it’s simple, we don’t invest because its complex.

5. Bandwagon biasness, we save or not save just because others are saving or not saving.

Still there is much biasness which we can talk about. Todays’ article is to make everyone understand that real wealth is created in investing and not just saving. Savings have to be invested which create an asset. That asset may be financial or physical which earns money in form of interest or capital appreciation. If we just save and not invest, money does not earn anything and we lose purchasing power of our hard earned money.

So stop just saving and start investing. If you have any biasness you can call on +91-7990290560. I will help you overcome your biasness and clear all of your confusions about investment. Start with SIP of Rs. 500/month and you will not feel any difference in your budget. If we lose a Rs. 500 note do we moan? Do we think all the time about it? Than why can’t we start SIP of Rs. 500 and forget about it? I am sure you will regret after some time why did I just forget Rs. 500 and not Rs. 5000.