Expecting performance of sports car from family car

Baxi Investment NJ Partner

Most of us are very much clear when it comes to buying things for ourselves about the performance of product. If we buy a family car we don’t expect it to do wonders on the road. Likewise if we buy a sports car we don’t expect to fit in the entire family. Post purchase we are satisfied because we have rational expectations of performance considering amount spent. But now consider a case where you buy a family car and enter into a race with it. Can you blame the manufacturer for your defeat? The answer is NO. Likewise while purchasing insurance people talk about returns. Many clients ask that does any policy do more than 4.5%? Dear Sir/Madam you are expecting a family car to do 300km/hr which is not possible and you are surely going to be dissatisfied.

All those reading this article please make sure that while buying a life insurance policy please do not ask about returns, look at options available, cover provided, raiders available as we are buying an insurance for life cover and not returns.

Yes, there are plans available which act like MUV (Multi Utility Vehicles) cars which provide insurance +  moderate returns. Do not expect these plans to do wonders for you. To know more about such products call us today on +91-7990290560