MARS - A breakthrough in mutual fund investing

Most of us buy mutual funds but do not know when to sell them. We also do not know which fund to buy? How many funds to buy? When to buy? How to buy? this when and how creates a confusion and the confusion leads to errors in investing.

Today I will try to explain a product which will eliminate all which and how queries.

MARS = Mutual Fund Automated Re-balancing System 

It is first and only of its kind advanced mutual fund management system which has predefined rules which help you to keep your mutual funds balanced. The system adjusts proportion of mutual funds in your portfolio to give you the best outcome. The system automatically reduces equity exposure when markets are high and reduces debt exposures when markets are low. The robust and dynamic model strikes optimum balance between risk & return and delivers best outcome.


If you are stuck with the age old way of managing mutual funds than please change. You can get more details about MARS from here.

This service is free free free. Why pay advisers when you can get advise free of cost? You can also divert your existing mutual funds to MARS.

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