Everyone's problem, "We cant save." Learn how to save.

The major problem that most of the clients throw at me is, we cant save! This question is asked by the one earning Rs. 10,000/month and even the one earning Rs. 80,000/month. So if we think about it, it is not that we can not save. It is like we do not know how to save or rather we do not wish to save.

If you google the question, How to save? You will have thousands of advise about how to save and invest. Mark my words, those are useless unless you implement them. If you want to save, just read and follow the below line.

Start a monthly investment deduction from your bank account of 5% of your salary or average monthly income.

Yes, just start investing 5% of monthly income in the investment option you are comfortable with. Be it SIP, PPF, post office savings deposit, Bank recurring deposit or an insurance policy. JUST START IT. Do not think much. If you want to start right, contact us and we will give you the right option.

Remember better late than never. Friends mark my words, 5% deduction will not impact your monthly budget unless you are paying housing loans.


Baxi Investment,

Hardik Baxi.