How to succeed without Determination?

Firstly I would like to thank you for clicking on the article and reading it. But you better know the answer to this question than I do. Yes, you know it better than I do.


Baxi Investment



  • I get about 5 calls/messages every day saying we have determined this time we will save and invest for our better future but none of them turn out to me.

  • I have few clients who commit monthly savings but than in few months feel pain of fixed monthly outflow for investment.

  • I have few clients who are fully determined but suddenly need money for buying gift for spouse or children or want to go on unplanned vacation or replacing mobile or vehicle which is working fine.


Above are few examples of people who form 75-80% of investors. I think they have answer of how to succeed without determination that is why they lack determination. I can not achieve financial well being without determination.


When we take a loan, it creates a liability. We remain loyal in repaying the loan as we fear the company may take away the article or take legal actions against us. Now, when we are committed to some asset why cant we have same determination as our determination towards our liability?


This article may seem a casual one but try to understand the profound message hidden within it.


Hardik Baxi,

Baxi Investment.