A child that will surely take care of you when you grow old.

Indians have always been crazy about the things happening in western world. We blindly follow them without using our brains. We follow what we see and what we see may not be what it actually is.

One such trend which is visible now is making children independent to live their lives the way they want. It is not a bad idea. But have we realised that the western parents plan for their retirement first and then make children independent? We live with mixed mind-set of making children free according to western culture and then not planning our retirement and expecting that the children will support us. These are two contradictory thoughts we live with.

So now whether we want to separate the children or not it’s high time we have another child who will take care of us when we grow old and support us in times of need. This child will remain loyal and be present in times of need. He will not leave us for his better life. The benefit of this another child is one does not even need to marry for having it.

Let us meet this child.

This child is LIC. By investing Rs. 500000 today you can get secure income of Rs. 1,69,000 a year and a risk cover of almost Rs. 80 lakhs to Rs. 2.77 crs. This is available till 100 years of age.

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Hardik Baxi

Baxi Investment