The Difference between doers and dreamers

Time and again I meet many clients and talk about starting SIP with them. The salary of regular clients ranges from Rs. 20000 – Rs. 95000 a month. After concluding, more than 90% have to say that they need to think and calculate if they can afford Rs. 1000 a month. Most of the times clients do not spare Rs. 1000 a month for SIP even after knowing that the amount is not significant compared to monthly income. They are the dreamers who wish to start SIP but cannot.

I usually handle my sales call on phone or online so our house helper usually keeps listening that I talk about investment. She does not know any investment option except bank FD and LIC. One day she inquired what I was actually doing and how can she invest? She wanted liquid investment with combination of risk and return. I suggested her for SIP. Looking at her 4 digit income I suggested her to start with Rs. 100 or Rs. 500 a month. She said I would like to start with Rs. 1000/month. She had paid Rs. 1000/month to a bank agent for 5 years, the bank did not exist in reality. Having lost hard earned Rs. 60,000 she is again ready to invest in an asset she does not understand. This is not because her income is high, it is because of her determination. Such people are Doers.

Her act was an eyeopener to all those having 5 to 6 digit salary but are unable to save and invest. Stop being dreamers, start becoming doers.