A Shocking Finding

An eye opener for parents with no financial planning for their child's future

Recently I had tried to find out investment habits of parents having children in the age range of new born to 10 years. I had indirectly surveyed 50 parents to know their investing habits for their child’s future. I was shocked to find that 95% of the parents had no financial planning for their children. Even more shocking  was when parents told that they had to plan for investing Rs. 100/month for their children. Dear parents, we spend Rs. 300/month/mobile as mobile bills, we spend average 500 Rs. behind our child’s chocolates/ice-cream/cakes (which ultimately leads to medical bills and obesity), we spend Rs. 1000/month for our fitness, we spend 2000/month eating out in the hotel, we spend drinking tea, snacks, fun, kitties and what not. Do these spending have a planning? Do they need a discussion with spouse? To all who had such an excuse, I am sorry but this generation of parents is not serious about their child’s future. I pity such children whose parents have all the money in the world to spend on themselves but need planning and discussion to invest Rs. 100 for their child. Loading our children with gadgets & gifts is not enough. The future is competitive, we have to save for them.

Dear parents, our responsibility does not end bringing our children into this world, It starts from there......