Wrongly Prescribed Medicine

Most of us visit our family doctors as we trust them the most. But what happens when the doctor prescribes us a wrong medicine? It gives us unwanted outcome in the form of side effects and uncured ailment. What do we do next? We again talk to him about new problems and he changes the medicine. But what if your doctor insisted that he is correct and he knows what you need?


Same thing happens with our investment advisers. They have knowledge of few investment options and a few mutual funds, they will prescribe you with some instrument based on their limited knowledge which will not suit you. On complaining about side effects they make you understand something or the other. Do you feel same thing has happened to you or is happening with you?


If your adviser does not know you he must ask details about your education, current sources of income, family background, assets owned, investments made, family members, dependants, and much more. Your investment objectives and constraints will serve as major guidelines to select the investment option.


Has your adviser ever asked these things to you if he does not know your background? If the answer is no, it means you will always get a wrong medicine and you will always suffer from some or the other side effects of wrong investment.


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